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About Nobia

Nobia is Europe’s leading kitchen specialist with some twenty strong brands. The operation consists of developing, manufacturing and sales of kitchen solutions. Every week, we manufacture more than 140,000 cabinets and meet more than 60,000 consumers in our stores. Nobia has approximately 6,000 employees and net sales of about SEK 13 billion.

Business concept and vision

Business concept

Nobia offers consumers and corporate customers attractive kitchen solutions under strong, local brands. We generate value for customers by offering high-quality function and design in both kitchen solutions and individual kitchen products, and through related services such as consulting, customized design, delivery and installation. Behind the scenes, there are efficient processes that capitalise on economies of scale.



"Inspiring kitchens made easy" is our vision. We will be the leading and most successful kitchen specialist, which inspire people to realise their kitchen dreams. The customer experience is at the centre with us. We help the customers all the way until they have a functional and good-looking kitchen that they enjoy. With solid know-how, consumer insights and technical tools, we provide innovative kitchen solutions and a smooth and enjoyable purchase process.


Focus on kitchens 

Ever since the company was founded, Nobia has focused on kitchens. This focus makes it possible to leverage joint know-how throughout the entire value chain – across national boundaries and brands. As a dedicated kitchen specialist, Nobia is taking the lead in the kitchen industry both in terms of developing new products and services, and in terms of its ambition to contribute to the industry consolidation.



The starting point of Nobia's strategy is the company’s strengths in the form of economies of scale throughout the value chain and strong, local brands and established distribution channels. The strategy can be summarized in the foundations Efficiency and Growth.

There is efficiency potential in all parts of the business, but primarily in product development, sourcing and manufacturing.

In order to generate growth, Nobia focus on improving the customer experience, both in stores and online, and to differentiate the brands by introducing new products and solutions. Nobia also have the ambition to expand its business to new customer segments and to grow by acquisitions.

The strategy has six themes that are connected to each other. They include investments to create growth, activities to improve processes and targeted initiatives to enable the plans and the achievement of goals. Economies of scale throughout the value chain is the foundation for the strategy.

Strategic themes 2017  
  • Omnichannel
  • Value for money offer
  • Product management
  • Supply chain footprint
  • People
  • Acquisitions
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Key Contact

For information about current vacancies at Nobia, please use the following contact details:


Tobias Albrektsson

Managing Consultant

M: +46 (0)760 120 068

E: tobias.albrektsson@nigelwright.com